Gratitude Day: 31st March 2018

Saturday is Gratitude Day. Our favourite!

A huge and heartfelt thank you to the following people for supporting us with such kindness this week.

❤️When a community works together, nobody needs to be cold, isolated or hungry❤️

Elizabeth Richardson, Tracey Collins, Cathy Staniforth, Carly Kirven, Jamie Grey, Kaley Souza, Emma Staniforth, Hilda Green, Andrea Ferris, Nexa Properties, Kirsty Jones, Nadine Hodge, Anna Lamb, Sharron Ponsford and Mitchell, Fiona Solomon, 3 Cocktail Bar, Joan Fillingham, Rachel and Rosie, Jamie from Harbour Vets, Jodie Newell, Kath O’sullivan, Trudi Victoria Cocks

❤️❤️❤️and our most heartfelt gratitude to…….the lovely local vet who would prefer to remain anonymous but helped a homeless man and his dog with incredible kindness, patience and compassion.


Thank you_street_1

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