Helping Hands Portsmouth visit Seventh Day Adventist Church, Portsmouth

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Portsmouth have been supporting Helping Hands Portsmouth for quite some time now, in donations, food and other essential items needed by the homeless.

On Saturday, 11th November 2017, the admin team, from Helping Hands Portsmouth, were invited along to the Seventh Day Adventist Church to take part in the service.


The church and its members have donated quite frequently to Helping Hands Portsmouth and some of the congregation have volunteered with the team on a Sunday night as part of their outreach, helping give out meals and make drinks for the guys and girls on the street.

As part of the continued support for Helping Hands Portsmouth, the church invited the admin team along to take part in the service and inform the congregation of what Helping Hands Portsmouth do for the homeless living on the streets of Portsmouth.

All of the admin team from Helping Hands Portsmouth would like to thank the church and its members for the donations we received today and for your ongoing support. Thank you.



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